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Budget Planning: find out its importance and effectiveness for companies!

Budget planning is part of the financial plan that projects the company’s income and expenses for future business periods. It can be dynamic and flexible to adapt to each scenario, but it must also have well-defined goals. Whatever model is adopted, the budget will be the support tool for management decision-making. When it comes to forest management, financial planning is also included in the ESG pillars, which focuses on making the business more profitable and, consequently, more financially sustainable. This is what the Sustainability in the Leadership Agenda study, carried out by the technology company SAP, points out. to Budget: find out the importance and effectiveness for companies!

Do you want to know more about the importance of budget planning and how INFLOR can help your company in this mission? Then we invite you to read this article produced by us, from the INFLOR Blog. Check out!

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Why do budget planning?

Planning the company’s annual budget is one of the most effective tools for managing the business’s cash flow. In addition to being an effective practice for predicting future scenarios and solving problems. However, the purpose of budget planning goes beyond establishing spending ceilings, the practice also provides advantages, such as:

  • Do not spend capital that the company does not have;
  • It makes the team develop a sense of ownership and better coordinate strategies;
  • Assist with pricing planning;
  • Facilitate obtaining credit for expansion projects.

How does budget planning work?

There is no pre-established standard for financial planning, but in general, it is interesting to define some steps. Check out what they are!

  • Budget goals;
  • The period to be considered;
  • Investment projection and possible expenses over a set period;
  • Fixed and variable expenses;
  • Monthly and annual taxes;
  • Emergency reserve.

Budget planning can be divided by themes or areas of the company, to facilitate goals. From this division, the idea is to outline different scenarios for the business.

And when it comes to budget planning for forest management?

For companies in the forestry sector, it is essential to provide a tool in their investments that is capable of managing all forestry processes, as this practice speeds up activities and optimizes the management routine. To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out quality forestry management, which automates and integrates data from forestry operations into a single system. This is what the INFLOR solution promotes to ensure the continuous improvement of your forestry operations.

Discover the INFLOR Quality Module

The Quality Module is a tool that helps ensure the continuous improvement of your forest operations. To achieve this, it has some differences, such as:

✔️ Results presentation;

✔️ Flexibility in data collection and processing;

✔️ Strong integration;

✔️ Automatic programming.

With this INFLOR solution integrated into forest management processes, production cycles are controlled and evaluated. Thus, the analysis of the collected data makes it possible to identify possibilities for improving operations, from the Nursery Module to the Transport Module.

And what does my company gain from integrating the Quality Module?

With the INFLOR Quality Module, your company makes it possible to integrate the solution with the Forest Management System – such as INFLOR Forest. Furthermore, the solution also helps ensure that your forestry management complies with quality standards and certifications, such as FSC and ISO, ensuring better decision-making and greater control over forestry operations.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of our INFLOR solution for your forest management? Discover the INFLOR Quality Module or speak to one of our experts and get all your questions answered!

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INFLOR Forest, the ideal system to enhance your forest management

Our forest management software is made up of interfaces that adapt to your company’s processes and reality, integrate other systems into your operation and centralize your data on a single platform.

To achieve this, INFLOR Forest collects data anywhere – in the field or in the office – and can be accessed on any device, as long as it is connected to the internet.

With INFLOR’s forest management system, your forest management gains advantages such as:

✅ Agility in collecting data in the field, both for own operations and for third parties;

✅ Anticipation of validation errors;

✅Elimination of recording errors, with data entered directly into the app;

✅ Improves communication between office and field.

Thus, INFLOR Forest – with its various modules – works to monitor and preserve forests, from the creation of seedlings, with high-tech nurseries, to their harvesting in search of a greener and more sustainable world.

INFLOR Sociall

This INFLOR tool offers services to companies and institutions that invest in social projects. In this way, INFLOR provides necessary information on the communities that will be supported, in addition to analysis and investment estimates.

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