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Clean energy as a priority for forest management: learn about INFLOR’s role

Clean energy is one of the objectives proposed and signed by Brazil in the Paris Agreement, which aims to keep the increase in average global temperature to less than 2°C by the end of this century. In this scenario, the country is striving to reduce emissions by 37% by 2030. To make this a reality, structural changes have been made to clean energy sources, driving the country to rank 14 out of 120 countries on the ETI 2023. The overall ETI score for Brazil has seen an 8% improvement since 2014, having slipped slightly in 2020 and then increasing again. 

In this sense, the projection for 2024 is that Brazil will increase its installed electricity generation capacity by 73,000 MW, with half of this growth based on wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric sources. For this reason, to be more sustainable, forest management also needs to prioritize clean energy. Do you want to know more about the benefits of sustainable energy for forest management and how energy forests can help with this goal? We invite you to read this article produced by us at the INFLOR Blog. Check it out! 

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What are energy forests? 

Energy forests are forest plantations of dense plots, with a high number of trees per hectare, with the objective of producing biomass for energy conversion. In this sense, they are fundamental for the generation of renewable energy, responsible for 46.7% of the national energy matrix, according to data from the Federal Government. In addition, it is important to highlight that a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that this segment could grow by 60% by 2026.

What are the advantages of energy forests for the production of clean energy? 

Energy forests provide a series of benefits for the ecosystem where they are managed and the planet. Below, we list the main ones:   

    • Generation of local development, since energy forests are profitable; 
  • Dispatchable biomass production, which can replace coal-fired thermal power plants;
  • Reduction in pressure on native forests, as they act against soil erosion and weakening processes.

Learn more about biomass 

Biomass is the use of organic material to generate sustainable fuel. In other words, use animal or vegetable origin (tree leaves, paper, cardboard, sugarcane bagasse, and eucalyptus) to produce clean and renewable energy. 

What is the potential of energy forests in Brazil? 

Energy forests have exciting potential for producing clean energy, the expectation is to reach 70 billion watt-hours of energy with wood from planted forests by 2050, according to an article by Canal Rural. 

Importance of forest management in energy forests 

It is essential to ensure the assertiveness of all stages of the energy forest production chain, considering that they are essential for good production of forest biomass. In this sense, forest management is the main methodology that must be prioritized, as it enables the integration and global control of forest management. 

INFLOR Forest: the ideal solution for your forest management 

INFLOR Forest offers complete and exclusive technology for managing the entire forestry chain. The tool features interfaces that adapt to your company’s processes and can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. Its benefits are: 

  • Agility in collecting data in the field, whether for own or third-party operations;
  • Anticipation of validation errors;
  • Elimination of reporting errors, having the data entered directly into mobile Apps;
  • Improve the communication between office and field.

NFLOR Forest – with its diverse modules – works to monitor and preserve forests, from the seedlings, with high-tech nurseries, to the harvest, contributing to a greener world.    

Do you want to know more about the advantages of the solution for your forest management? Talk to an INFLOR specialist and get all your questions answered!

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