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Dexco + INFLOR: innovative alliance to benefit forestry improvements

Learn how Dexco and INFLOR’s innovative partnership enhances the forestry industry

Innovation is the main fuel that drives Dexco. For over 70 years, Dexco has been the largest producer of industrialized wood panels in the country. They are also among the top market leaders in the production of sanitary ware and metal fittings in the Southern Hemisphere, and a reference in the coverings segment in Brazil.

With industrial and forestry units in Brazil and Colombia, the company became an INFLOR partner and now relies on our solution, INFLOR Forest, to have greater control of the stages of the forestry process in an optimized way.

Dexco’s forest units can now be analyzed from a single system, which brings more flexibility to perform in an exponentially evolving environment. Want to know more about the advantages of our newest alliance? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Dexco?

Dexco is a Brazilian company with over 70 years of history and composed of solid brands in the construction, remodeling and decoration market such as Deca, Portinari, Hydra, Duratex, Castelatto, Ceusa, and Durafloor. The company’s goal is to provide solutions for better living.

Dexco’s future, like its past and present, is guided by environmental, social and governance issues – the pillars of ESG. Furthermore, the company has a history of massive investments in automation and digitalization, and is already implementing Forest 4.0 and has pioneered responsible forest management certification in the Southern Hemisphere.

With forestry units spread throughout Brazil and Colombia, Dexco is also recognized as one of the most competitive companies in forest management and wants to go

How was the alliance between Dexco and INFLOR born?

It all started when Dexco felt the need to integrate into its internal processes a secure management solution, one that had the capability to process cloud data. With these and other strategic criteria in mind, the company went to the market looking for systems that fit the requirements and, as a result, found INFLOR. Our solution goes further by also enabling employee interaction with the management system, which can have continuous and constant improvement.

“We decided to partner with INFLOR following two premises. The first was to keep our systems as close to standard as possible (no customizations). We wanted to be aligned with the company’s strategy and open to new possibilities, such as carrying out updates, always being up-to-date with new products, and carrying out funding with more agility. The second was to deploy and 100% integrate SAP S/4 Hana and INFLOR Forest. There are more than 50 interfaces that guarantee a direct connection between the two systems, ensuring unique and reliable information for decision making.”

– Fernanda Faes e Graça, PMO at Projeto SAPiens.

What is the goal of the alliance between Dexco and INFLOR?

Imagens representa a capa do Projeto SAPiens, que traz melhorias florestais para a Dexco em parceria com a INFLOR.

The established alliance aims to centralize the forestry information of Dexco’s units. With this objective, we created Projeto SAPiens, which involves changing the company’s PR and deploying 36 satellite specialists, of which we are one of them. This is one of the largest projects recorded in the last two years of Dexco’s history in terms of human involvement, with 360 dedicated people and more than 140,000 hectares of forests analyzed.

“In 2019, we positioned a new Dexco organization strategy with a few pillars and realized the need to look for a solution that fit with this new positioning. INFLOR’s solution was ideal for our strategic scenario, and together we are thinking about the future.”

– Raul Moreira, Director at “Projeto SAPiens & Jornada da Eficiência”.

With the implementation of the modules of our forest management system, we teamed up with Dexco to integrate all the data and deliver more robustness so that, thus, the company feels more secure in facing the challenges of Forest 4.0, besides continuously improving the management of the plots and boosting the results.

How did the implementation of the INFLOR solution happen at Dexco?

The implementation of the INFLOR solution at Dexco has been going on for a year and a half. In July 2022, we performed the first GoLive of Projeto SAPiens and, in this first phase, we implemented the modules Cadastro/GIS, Terras, and Workflow for both Dexco and Caetex, a joint venture of the companies Dexco and Usina Caeté.

In January of this year, the second and most important phase of Projeto SAPiens was implemented and operationalized, focusing on the consolidation of information from Dexco and Caetex into a single system. Thus, Dexco continues with our support on the path of being a more agile company from the accomplishment of secure and more efficient processes. These also contribute to making more strategic and competitive decisions, which make them a reference in the industry.

Currently, Dexco has implemented more than 50 interfaces with SAP and 14 INFLOR modules. Now, the expectation is for the completion of phase 3, which is expected to implement the Research and Genetic Material Module by the end of this year.

“The most beautiful thing to see is not the success of the roll-out, nor the low complexity of the problems encountered, but rather the team spirit on this forest front. Clearly, the teams are working as if they were a single team! Cohesive, collaborative, focused, and tireless!”

– Daniel Lopes Franco, Chief Technology Officer, Business Development, Innovation and Growth Officer at Dexco.
Imagem representa a união de um time.

What are the benefits for Dexco with the INFLOR solution?

From the implementation of INFLOR Forest, the benefits for Dexco are:

✅ Possibility to integrate the INFLOR solution with other systems

✅ Managing biological assets more effectively

✅ Help in the forest production stages

✅ End-to-end traceability of the forestry process in a single system

✅ Greater forest control

✅ Centralized operation

What is the goal of this new alliance for INFLOR?

The alliance between Dexco and INFLOR provides an opportunity and contributes to our constant evolution, on a daily basis. From this partnership, we are improving our forestry system and creating new solutions to enhance productivity, management and the forestry results harvested by Dexco.

With the alliance established between the two companies, we can provide an interactive solution which can be used not only by Dexco, but also by more INFLOR clients that have similar demands as Dexco. Furthermore, we can contribute to a centralized, optimized forest management that contributes to an increasingly greener world.

We are INFLOR. We are evolution by nature.

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