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Expoforest 2023: INFLOR is present and shows the main trends

Expoforest is the largest dynamic forestry fair in the world and, in this 5th edition, we, from INFLOR, are present with our partners Aiko and Maxitree, in a larger stand, compared to our participation in 2018. It was an intense and memorable, networking, exchanges and a lot of knowledge.

For us, participating in the 5th edition of Expoforest has enabled us to expand our burden regarding optimized and technological forest management. Since we believe in the evolution and transformation of cycles and, therefore, we are committed to helping consumers make the world increasingly green and sustainable through our services.

To learn more about Expoforest and all the trends we know there, check out this article published by us, from the INFLOR Blog. Good reading!

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INFLOR at Expoforest

Expoforest is one of the biggest innovation events in the forest sector in Latin America. It offers visitors a unique experience by expanding the possibilities and importance of planted forests in Brazil. The event also provides opportunities for several companies in the forestry sector to expose their innovations and technologies for the segment.

Expoforest’s expectations were exceeded, and brought together, on average, 300 exhibiting companies and around 40,000 visitors. And, we, from INFLOR, participated with a stand twice the size of the last edition, and accompanied by our partners – Aiko and Maxitree.

INFLOR Program at Expoforest

In order to share everything we know about forest management with visitors, we prepared a program that was followed with excellence by the INFLOR team. Among the topics that were addressed were:

  • Fair value of biological assets, with Felipe Azevedo;
  • Application of SGF as a differential, with Hélio Tavares;
  • Why did Mombak choose INFLOR? With Jefferson Oliveira;
  • Monitoring and detection of changes in forest areas using daily satellite images, with Matheus Gothardo;
  • Forestry Investments: what do I need to know to get started? With Vanderson Fernandes;
  • Continuous planning and quality control, with Luís Ferreira;
  • Case Sapiens, with Ronaldo Davanso;
  • Forest 4.0: Artificial Intelligence enhancing forestry with profitability and efficiency – TIMBERTER;
  • ESG and how to reframe socio-environmental impacts, with Luana Romero;
  • Forest platform: new alliances for INFLOR, with Igor Reuter;
  • Conflict mediation and humanized repossession, with Maisa Porto;
  • Quality integrated into forestry processes, with Rafael Tonetto;
  • Market study of land and forests in Brazil, with Richard Answerovesk.

Learn more about INFLOR

INFLOR has been a reference in the forestry market for 22 years and we are here to promote sustainability in all stages of its forestry operation. On our Blog, you’ll find more questions you should ask when selecting forest management software – plus get tips from a forest management systems expert. Our services encompass the forestry and social pillars, they are:

  • INFLOR Forest

Present in 7 of the 10 largest eucalyptus producers in the world, with over 13 million hectares under management. And it is already used by companies present in 4 continents. Thus, INFLOR Forest consists of a technological solution that manages the forest cycle from planning to logistics, with sustainability and efficiency. In this sense, the service provides benefits such as: process integration and automation; agility in data collection; remote access; anticipation of validation errors; compliance and governance.

  • INFLOR Services

Focused on SAP consulting, forestry and customized solutions to improve the managed business. In addition to enabling the systematization of processes, tailored strategies and personalized management.

It is a complete platform to organize and centralize relationship management with communities, with an aligned purpose, effective actions and assertiveness. The platform includes the Stakeholder Portal; parameterizable electronic flow, evaluation tools; physical-financial monitoring; dialogue and community engagement, social inventory and other indicators.

Why have forest management software?

Having flexibility, optimization of tasks, internal customizations – which will be created with a focus on developing the customization of the tool -, and the team of specialists is responsible for verifying whether the new addition is ideal to meet the requirements of other INFLOR customers.

These benefits are realized by specialized software for forest management, which means that the solution is dedicated to meeting all processes and needs throughout the forestry chain – as does INFLOR Forest, which was developed from the beginning for this exclusive use.

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