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INFLOR announces new partnership with leading sustainable Brazilian paper company

Irani found in INFLOR Forest the ideal forest management system to fully implement Forest 4.0. Learn more in our article!

Irani enhances their forest management capabilities with INFLOR consulting services

Technology has increasingly modernized economic sectors, including industries such as forestry. Recognized in the market as Forest 4.0, this revolution includes the digitalization of the operations in the field through equipment that allows the collection of several types of data.

Forests are the essence of companies like Irani, one of Brazil’s leading sustainable paper and packaging companies. The company is a reference in sustainability in the country and has started to implement Forest 4.0 best practices in its forest production routine.

To optimize its management practices in a secure and automated way, Irani chose a technological platform specialized in forest management—INFLOR Forest.

Join us to learn how our solution can contribute to Irani’s forest management and their operations as they modernize with Forest 4.0.

Who is Irani?

Founded over 80 years ago with facilities in four Brazilian states, Irani is a leading sustainable paper and packaging company that ranks among the top four paper companies in the country and was in the top five for Pulp and Paper in the Ranking 100 Open Startups 2021.

Irani operates with a focus on the relationships it can create with customers and the values and benefits they can offer them. The company ensures the monitoring of raw materials in all forestry stages and thus has total control of the entire forestry production chain.

How did Irani learn about INFLOR?

Irani’s began a company-wide digitization process in 2019, with the deployment of SAP software. From this process of digital transformation, the company’s forestry sector started looking for management software that would help with their main goal: the unification of processes and the centralization of data.

In 2021, the company discovered our forest management system, INFLOR Forest, as the ideal platform for managing its forest units, present in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. With the partnership between Irani and INFLOR, Floresce Project was created.

What is Floresce Project?

Floresce Project counts on the full-time participation of more than 35 team members and had 18 months of preparation before its launch in March 2022. The main goal of the project is to unify the data of Irani’s two forest units, but the internal processes presented many singularities due to the division of stages in both units such as:

  • Scattered operations modules
  • Lack of centralization of forest control in each unit
  • Difficulties with data collection

Therefore, to continue growing, INFLOR’s team of experts keeps in constant contact with Irani to offer assistance and transparency in all steps of digital transformation. This gave Irani more confidence in our solution and in our team, which also offers specialized SAP consulting services since we have expertise in both platforms.

Imagem apresenta uma vista aérea de uma floresta, com aplicação de ícones interligados por linhas, que representam a integração que a tecnologia florestal oferece.

How did INFLOR contribute to the digital transformation at Irani?

Besides providing a management solution and a team of forestry experts to Irani, we supported the digital transformation in the company and in the implementation of the SAP system in the forestry sector.

With our SAP consulting, we take the forestry expertise into the main enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform of the company and develop solutions in SAP itself to solve the most varied processes at Irani. With our complete solution and consulting, we can better understand the challenges that arise and meet every need presented in the forest units.

“The cool thing is that we have the INFLOR support, which is always available to us. The INFLOR Customer Success team is always accompanying us and that is what keeps us safe here at Irani. They were always with us to provide a solution or a path that would lead us to a solution. This is something that we have until this day, this close relationship between the Irani and INFLOR teams,” Thalia Chiamulera, Floresce Project Manager at Irani.

What does Irani gain with the INFLOR consulting and solution?

Since the partnership between Irani and INFLOR was signed, the leading company in the paper and packaging industry has noticed benefits such as:

  • Keeping up with technological evolution (Forest 4.0 applied in real time)
  • Automation and agility in data collection through mobile devices
  • People and innovation development
  • Information history assurance
  • Detailed cost management, product level, plot, project, and farm
  • Real-time monitoring of forest processes
  • Change in the informatization model to a cloud-hosted solution with remote access
  • Standardization of the management processes of the forest units in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina
  • Potentializing and maximizing the use of forest management software
  • Simplified operational and financial planning

What are the expectations for 2023?

The project between INFLOR and Irani went live in March 2022, and now the company is experiencing the second stage of the Floresce Project. With the beginning of the integration and automation of forestry processes, the goal is to implement new modules at Irani: the Seedbed, Timber Sales, and Planning Forestry and Forest Harvesting.

The Floresce Project planning has actions and launches to be accomplished by 2024.

INFLOR and SAP consulting: how does it work?

Within INFLOR, the SAP Team is responsible for advising our customers in the forestry market on the use of SAP aligned to specific needs, with reference to the best practices of the forestry market. Discussing the processes, learning how the German software suits the scenarios of each client, and providing opportunities for improvement are some of the activities proposed by our specialists.

Learn more about our solutions that provide integration and automation of forest processes. Discover how the solutions can boost your results, optimize your data, and promote a more sustainable world by talking to one of our specialists today.

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