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How our role as an SAP Service Partner has benefitted the forest industry

INFLOR is proud to be an SAP Service Partner since 2006. Red now to learn how we’ve united to innovate the forest industry.

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With 99% of the largest companies on the globe running on their platform, it can easily be said that SAP is the main support system for managerial decision making in a company. [1]

Due to this fact, it is important that the data from forestry operations are also represented in the SAP system. That’s why INFLOR is proud to have been an SAP Service Partner since 2006. Our partnership with SAP allows us to seamlessly integrate the SAP system with our solutions.

Join us to learn all about how this integration is done through our SAP partnership.

How does the SAP system work?

As a global leader in the software development segment, SAP aims to help companies optimize operations and increase modernity based on global changes in behavior and technology, while also growing in a sustainable way.

To achieve this goal, the SAP system collects and processes company information on a single platform. The data it collects can range from the registration of a raw material purchase to a production confirmation or the creation of customer feedback.

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How are SAP and INFLOR integrated?

As a rich and broad industry, the forest market has several possibilities of integration between the systems involved. For this reason, there has always been a demand from the market itself to align forest management systems with corporate data management systems such as the INFLOR solution and the SAP system.

It is fundamental that forest management and corporate data management systems  communicate with each other which is why we became partners of SAP. The objective of our partnership is to study the best alternatives for this integration and we are one of the few companies in the marketplace that have the necessary knowledge in both platforms to design the integrations of the forestry processes with the SAP software.

The SAP Team is responsible for advising our forest market clients

What is INFLOR SAP Consulting?

We count on a specialized SAP consulting team to develop integrations, evaluate the needs of each of our clients, and offer customized solutions for businesses with the best practices of the market as reference.

Over our 17 years of partnership, our team has been responsible for configuring and adapting the SAP system to our clients’ reality by advising and consulting about the best use of SAP technology and developing integration among processes.

How does INFLOR SAP Consulting work?

The SAP Team is responsible for advising our forest market clients about the use of SAP aligned to their specific needs with the best practices of the forest market as a reference.

Our specialists will discuss the processes, learn how the SAP software is adequate to the scenarios of each client, and provide opportunities for improvements. The consulting facet of our SAP Team will also demonstrate how SAP is adapted to the several scenarios of the forest market and how the information needs to be available for the people involved.

Success Story: LD Celulose

LD Celulose is the result of a partnership between the Brazilian company Dexco and the Austrian company Lenzing. Located in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil and the result of an initial investment of over $250 million, the plant produces about 500 thousand tons of soluble cellulose per year and employs more than 1,400 employees, making it one of the largest undertakings of this kind in the world.

In this project, our objective was to implement INFLOR Forest as a solution for forest management and integrate it with SAP, which is LD Celulose’s business management system. With several modules, INFLOR Forest aims to deliver a system capable of helping with forest planning and daily forest operations as well as integrating with other technological solutions like SAP.

Through our forestry offerings and SAP specialists, we supported the client in the definitions of how the SAP software could be best implemented to meet the needs of the forestry area. We also built dozens of interfaces between INFLOR and SAP solutions to guarantee that the requested information would be registered in the adequate system to support each business process. Our knowledge of both softwares was fundamental to maximize the full capability of each solution without unnecessary data replication.

Ready to partner with INFLOR to maximize the possibilities of SAP? 

In addition to offering specialized consulting in SAP systems, our team has also developed a set of products inside the SAP software itself. Some of these products were designed to support fiscal and financial operations, and others to support the tracking of equipment under external maintenance.

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1: SAP Global Communications | SAP: The World’s Largest Provider of Enterprise Application Software

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