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Suzano invests in genetic materials research


Suzano, one of INFLOR‘s alliances, presents new research to the scientific community: a new eucalyptus reference genome, more detailed and with high quality. The initiative is performed by FuturaGene – Suzano’s Biotechnology division -, in partnership with Corteva Agriscience. According to part of the research, the action will contribute to scientific development in the production and sustainable forestry management of eucalyptus, as this species occupies, on average, 5.5 million hectares planted in Brazil, according to Embrapa, a Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation.

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Understand more about eucalyptus genetic material research

In 2014, Suzano had already donated the BRASUZ1 clone of Eucalyptus grandis, to be used as the basis for the public project to sequence the first eucalyptus genome. FuturaGene, based on genomics and bioinformatics research, worked in partnership with Corteva Agriscience’s Plant Genomics team to conduct the sequencing of a new eucalyptus reference genome.

In other words, the research involves a hybrid clone of E. grandis and E. urophylla that was used as the basis for sequencing. This same clone, together with its respective transformation protocol, had already been made available to the GREAT TREES Cooperative, at Oregon State University, in the United States.

In this scenario, the first seedlings selected within the genetic improvement programs of the company’s distinct units are already internalized in the nursery for growth. In addition to the production of seedlings, the focus of the project, in partnership with the Forest Management area, is to create clonal production protocols, like an instruction manual containing information on good practices for propagating each of the clones. In total, around two to three thousand seedlings per clone will be made available to the operational areas, including informational material.

What are the advantages of sustainable forest management?

With sustainable forest management, the intention is for the forest to remain alive – for a long period. To support the management of this land to be as non-invasive as possible, environmentally appropriate actions must be adopted, and these bring advantages to the environment and society. These actions should include:

🌳 Biodiversity conservation;

🌳 Abundance in quantity of essential resources for society;

🌳 Combating climate change;

🌳 Soil formation;

🌳 Profitability;

🌳 Forest conservation.

About Suzano

Suzano is the world’s largest producer of hardwood pulp and a global leader in the innovation and production of renewable materials for use by end consumers and industry. They are pioneers in sustainable large-scale industrial production, and are at the heart of all work, from the field, through factories and laboratories, to the end user.

INFLOR Forest, the main forestry solution for your management

Our forest management software is made up of interfaces that adapt to your company’s processes, integrate other systems into your operation, and centralize your data on a single platform.

To do this, INFLOR Forest collects data anywhere – in the field (offline) or the office – and can be accessed on any device.

With INFLOR’s forest management system, your forest management gains advantages such as:

✅ Agility in collecting data in the field, whether for own or third-party operations;

✅ Anticipation of validation errors;

✅ Elimination of reporting errors, having the data entered directly into mobile Apps;

✅ Improve the communication between office and field.

INFLOR Forest – with its diverse modules – works to monitor and preserve forests, from the seedlings, with high-tech nurseries, to the harvest, contributing to a greener world.

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