INFLOR® Sociall

Innovative, personalized and assertive technological solutions to leverage your company’s results.

What if you had a platform to organize and centralize the management of private social investments in order to generate more efficiency and transparency for your company? What used to be normally recorded without analysis and without further developments, just for checking, now gains an aligned purpose, effective actions, agility and assertiveness.

Requester’s portal

Your company’s channel with its stakeholders in social projects, where it is possible to publish public notices and invitation letters, among other activities.

Electronic flow

All processes are controlled by a fully parameterizable flow. You can create process approval levels by authority, email alerts, and much more.

Relationship history

Carry out consultations to retrieve the history of the applicant for a social investment, their involvement in demands and projects, as well as to assess the occurrences and impacts of this investment on the community.

Assessment tools

Our solution has a package of tools to carry out evaluations, including a ranking of adherence to criteria and the possibility of generating individual or collective evaluations, reducing the subjectivity of the analyses.


Financial monitoring of your investment, accountability, issuing customized reports, as well as listing pending issues. Through more than 50 pre-configured presentation templates.

Events and ombudsman

In order to establish and maintain a good relationship with communities, our solution has a management system for receiving, recording and forwarding demands, such as complaints, questions and criticisms. There is also an evaluation module at your disposal.

Community dialogue

Be proactive in your social relationships. Build engagement with your stakeholders by organizing community dialogues and monitoring the company’s social acceptance.

Social inventory

Your company can monitor the communities surrounding its area of operation, periodically evaluating its social evolution through indicators.

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