Quality policy

1. Scope

INFLOR’s Quality Management System – QMS is structured, documented, implemented and maintained, in accordance with good operational practices, aiming at the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, and the expectations of the customers. The activities indicated below are included within the processes established in the composition of the Quality Management System:

  1. Determine the processes and activities involved in the quality management system;
  2. Determine the sequence and interaction of these processes;
  3. Determine criteria and methods necessary to ensure that the operation and control of these processes are effective;
  4. Ensure the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation, and the monitoring of processes;
  5. Monitor, measure, when applicable, and analyze the processes; and
  6. Implement the necessary actions to achieve the planned results, and the continuous improvement of these processes.

The management of processes extends to services contracted from third parties as needed, so that these processes are kept under control, and guarantee the same quality standard established by the company, respecting the statutory and regulatory standards applicable.

1.1. Quality Policy

1.1.1. INFLOR Quality Policy

INFLOR is committed to offering Information Technology solutions, developed by highly qualified personnel, and with strict control of processes and risks, based on the following policy:

  • Provide products and solutions that meet customers’ expectations through the use of consolidated
    technologies that simplify agribusiness;
  • Develop partnerships with suppliers;
  • Train and maintain the competence and skills of all our employees, through specific training;
  • Continuously improve all processes, relationships with stakeholders, understanding and application of legal requirements, as well as the Quality Management System itself;
  • Establish the company’s leadership outside Brazil, in products and solutions that simplify agribusiness.
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