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Sicoob ES simplifies and strengthens their social project management with INFLOR Sociall

Formed by credit unions, today Sicoob is the largest cooperative financial system in Brazil, with more than 4.6 million members and operations in every state of the country.

Established in Espírito Santo in 1989, Sicoob was formed through the union of seven credit unions, and has a solid reputation for seeking the best way to meet the financial needs of its members, offering products and services, profit sharing, and promoting the development of local economies.

The mission of Sicoob ES is simple: Cooperate to educate, cooperate to transform, cooperate for sustainability. This is the way that the financial institution works to spread a cooperative culture and contributes to the sustainable development of the communities.

Since 2019, Sicoob ES Cooperatives has been accepting grant applications in order to bring together and support social projects, with the objective of strengthening the existing initiatives in the territories of its operations.

INFLOR is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Sicoob ES’s social objectives with the INFLOR Sociall solution, supporting the entire registration and analysis process of the social projects that were presented by the proposing institutions through the website Sicoob ES ( or directly at:

According to Sandra Martins de Oliveira, social responsibility supervisor at Sicoob ES, INFLOR Sociall is used to manage all of their social projects, especially those received through public notices.

“We can control and manage all the information about projects and programs in one place, avoiding the overload of exchanging messages and e-mails, as well as ensuring better control of every stage, from the project capture, to the approval and execution stages,” highlights Sandra.

Having already issued two calls for prospective social projects in 2019 and 2020, and having received more than 400 proposals, Sicoob ES is proud to support 110 projects in more than 40 municipalities in its areas of ​​operation. These projects benefit more than 30,000 people.

In addition to having a tool that simplifies the process and management of social projects, INFLOR Sociall can interact with the most varied audiences, presenting quality information.

“At the moment, our entire staff of managers, strategic support personnel, directors, and presidents can access the system, each one with their permissions. In total, that’s about 150 people,” comments Sandra.

Sandra also points out that “having a prospecting notice with simple steps, in addition to flexibility in adjusting the system according to needs that may arise” are key differentials of their solution, which confirms their correct decision in choosing INFLOR Sociall as their solution for stakeholder management.

About INFLOR Sociall

If your company or the institution you represent invests in social projects or is concerned with the relationship with your stakeholders, you can count on INFLOR Sociall to make this process less subjective and more manageable.

With INFLOR Sociall, you have access to all the information you need directly from the communities, to support you in controlling, analyzing and measuring private social investment.

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