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Montes del Plata uses INFLOR satellite image management to make better decisions for forest growth

Montes del Plata is a Uruguayan company that produces and exports cellulose to the main markets in the world. The use of images from satellites, and manned and unmanned vehicles to manage their forest areas is a necessity. However, the management of the generated images was a challenge.

Based on this demand, INFLOR worked with Montes del Plata to create the Mosaicos WEB solution, which manages and performs calculations to extract information from the analyzed areas of every image base of the organization. Using this system, different types of information can be extracted, such as the type of vegetation specific to each area, regions suffering from lack of water, and areas with more or less vegetation.

Due to the sensors for each type of image, the Mosaicos system makes it possible to verify, for example, the water levels of the regions due to the sensors of the photos. This management support helps the Montes del Plata teams make confident decisions about the forest growth.

Key business benefits

  • Greater confidence in strategic decisions in the processes of:
    • Pre- and post-planting (Alignment and Mortality);
    • Maintenance (Health Analysis with NDVI);
    • The harvest;
    • Transport.
  • Management and spatial analysis of sensors normally used for agriculture, such as:
    • Landsat;
    • RapidEye;
    • LiDAR;
    • UAV;
    • Aerophotogrammetry;
    • General Mode Multispectral Sensors.
  • Sharing of image information across the organization with fast, intelligent and integrated access to the organization’s operational management system without having to rely on specialists for use and interpretation of the data as support to make decisions;
  • Possibility of information consumption on computers (browser, ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro), tablets and smartphones;
  • Complete control and traceability of image data import, vendors, processing date, etc.;
  • Optimization of the data storage volume of images in the servers of the organization.

Key benefits for system specialists

  • Fully integrated storage and control in the Corporate Geodatabase;
  • Management of mosaics with automatic analysis and validation;
  • Fully flexible configuration for use with any ArcGIS DIP (Digital Imaging Processing) Function or customized ones;
  • DPI functions are run in memory by the application without the need of storage or traffic of large volumes of data;
  • Download of images in their original format directly from the application.
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