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INFLOR and a partnership that preserves and restores the planet

INFLOR has partnered with, a Brazilian ecological restoration company, to work together to preserve and restore the planet.
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Learn about the impacts of INFLOR’s partnership with the Brazilian ecological restoration company

Preserving and restoring forests is one of the best ways to care for the environment. Aligning science, technology, experience, and scale to the pursuit of the sustainability of the planet, stands out in the market as an innovative large-scale rainforest restoration company, which will be made available to society as conservation units in the future.

The company, which has the support, efficiency and knowledge of leading scientists in the fields of spatial modeling and optimization, ecological restoration, forestry, carbon sequestration and more, is our newest client at INFLOR.

Through our partnership with, we will join forces to act in benefit of the management of native forests and the restoration of degraded areas in Brazil with the intention of contributing to the construction of an increasingly greener world.

Keep reading to learn more about our partnership with and our plans for the future.

Who is is a Brazilian ecological restoration company that guarantees the sustainability of its operations through carbon credits, with a concentration on high-quality offsets and certified native wood. The company’s operations in the market aim to generate positive social impact in several areas, with guaranteed local support and a vision for long-term sustainability.

In addition to developing the sustainable harvest of native planted wood, aims to restore one million hectares of Brazilian tropical ecosystems in 15 years to foster biodiversity and capture 15 million tons of carbon per year.

How will the partnership between and INFLOR function?

This year, announced that it intends to reach the unprecedented goal of restoring about one million hectares in the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon Rainforest from the acquisition of land in these Brazilian biomes, which will be restored and turned into preservation areas. For their goal to be achieved and planning to be effective, needed the support of an efficient forest management system, thus the partnership between and INFLOR began.

Since the beginning of this year, the project has been put into practice from presentations about the functionalities and advantages of INFLOR Forest, and in December, the partnership will go live with the implementation of the INFLOR Forest Registration, GIS, and Forestry modules.

How does INFLOR assist in the management of native forests?

“By using INFLOR’s standard solution to perform the forest management of its areas, with some adjustments and adaptations to meet the peculiarities of native forest management and reforestation, it is possible to work with to create a baseline for the execution of the activities, with the guarantee that these actions are carried out in the right way, at the right time, and with the ideal application of inputs and resources,” shares Alexandre Croce, INFLOR’s Head of Products and Services. 

What is the goal of INFLOR’s new partnership with

The partnership between re. green and INFLOR represents the entry of the company from Espirito Santo, Brazil into a new market with the intention of supporting forest management for the management of native forests and the recovery of degraded areas—since INFLOR partners use the forestry solutions exclusively in the management of commercial forests and in a manner directed at pulp/paper production and timber sales.

Through this alliance with, our main objective is to supply a solution that can be used and approved by a client that works directly with the management of native forests and the recovery of degraded areas. “With the partnership between and INFLOR, we have evolved our system to tend to similar demands from other INFLOR partners, while also having a tool that provides project management for carbon credit trading,” says Alexandre.

“Historically, INFLOR has worked with companies who utilize forests for commercial purposes—developing forests to generate pulp and paper, energy, construction wood, timber—but with we will be developing forests in a different way,” shares Antonio Tatagiba, CEO INFLOR USA. “ restores degraded lands back into biodiverse natural ecosystems using native species from the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon biomes to meet the demand of the carbon removal market, and perform a sustainable native timber harvesting for the economic development of local communities. The partnership with will allow us to create this kind of carbon project solution inside our existing forest solution to offer new possibilities to our clients.”

INFLOR: a company committed to the environment

We are committed to contributing to a greener world. joins our purpose to reclaim nature for the people and the planet, and together we have reinforced the importance of planting, restoring, and preserving sustainability of our habitat.

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