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Why leading agribusinesses around the world choose INFLOR

We’re proud to help clients across 4 continents to manage more than 29,000,000 acres of forest investments. Learn why leading companies choose INFLOR now.

We help clients across 4 continents to manage more than 29,000,000 acres


To get the most from their investment, agribusinesses need to know their operations inside and out.

Many leading companies are turning to forest management technology to support them in bringing all of their data together so they can gain better insights, make smarter decisions, and nurture their assets.

As the world leader in forest management systems, INFLOR solutions are built with your needs and your goals in mind. Keep reading to explore why leading agribusinesses around the world choose INFLOR to grow success in their investments.


Gain control across the whole forest chain

With INFLOR, you can control, track and manage over 200 processes and 1,000+ business activities, no matter where you are.

Why is this so important for agribusinesses? With transparency and control across the whole forest chain, you can:

  • Create repeatability and the capacity to scale with defined forest processes and standardized activities.
  • Ensure compliance and continued business intelligence.
  • Reduce costs through operational improvements, customized systems, and optimal resource management.
  • Stay on track with your investment targets and quality assurance goals.

We help our clients reduce their forest budget by an average of 2–8% through process improvement and advanced analytics.


“Our partnership with INFLOR started in 2007. Today, the results go far beyond what was expected when we first started this partnership. The management through the INFLOR system has exceeded our expectations by far.”

— João Olyntho, CEO of JOGIL Florestal


20+ years of expertise

Serving leading agribusinesses across 4 continents, we’re proud to be trusted by our clients to manage more than 29,000,000 acres (12,000,000 hectares).

Our roots are grounded in creating technology that transforms businesses for the better. To show our commitment to excellence, we hold a variety of industry certifications and long-term partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers.

You can learn more about our certifications and strategic partnerships here.


“I think that this partnership will be very beneficial. We’re moving very fast towards its concretization and our expectations are very positive for the near future. We believe the newly acquired system from INFLOR will give us an edge.”

— Rui Pires da Rosa, Forest Manager at Altri


Proven process

At INFLOR, our goal is to set you up for success.

Drawing on our years of experience serving leading agribusinesses, we’ve developed a comprehensive onboarding process to discover your challenges, develop your ideal technology solution, and support you moving forward.

You can explore our process in more detail here.


“It is a partnership that started many years ago and is now further developing into other areas of our forestry sector, such as nursery, planting and inventory. Everything is developing according to the plan.”

— Moacyr Fantini, Forest Director at Veracel Celulose


Technology updates and ongoing support

One of the biggest reasons leading agribusinesses choose INFLOR is because we’re committed to the success of our clients.

When you choose a solution from INFLOR, our US-based consultancy team is here to help and support you from proof of concept to successful implementation and beyond.

This includes:

  • Regular version upgrades to add new features
  • Corrective maintenance and bug fixes
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Resources and guidance on how to get the best from your investment.


“Since the beginning of our relationship, we were served with professionalism, effort and dedication. INFLOR on many occasions proved to be different from their competitors, and showed us that meeting the customer’s requirements is their main focus.”

Patrik Cotin, IT Coordinator at Florestal Vale do Corisco


We’re proud to support our clients with a range of specialized technology services and solutions to help agribusinesses maximize their investments and transform for the better.

To see more success stories, please visit our Case Studies page.

Ready to join the leading agribusinesses around the world who choose INFLOR?

Our solutions include:

  • INFLOR Forest: a complete suite of forest management system tools to help you make better decisions for optimal results. INFLOR Forest features modules to manage the whole forestry value chain, from seedling production to wood delivery.
  • INFLOR Sociall: proprietary management tool developed to support companies and institutions in controlling, analyzing and measuring private social investment. INFLOR Sociall monitors and directs private resources with full transparency for all parties involved.
  • GISagri: a comprehensive set of GIS tools with powerful web, desktop, and mobile solutions to create, manage and share valuable information through maps. GISagri, a ESRI-based solution, integrates seamlessly with INFLOR Forest & INFLOR Sociall.


We also offer a suite of technology services, including:

  • GIS Professional Services & Map Services
  • Forest Management Process Consultancy
  • Application Management Service (AMS)
  • SAP Consultancy
  • Custom Software Development
  • Cloud Services & Hosting.


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