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Eldorado Brasil implements INFLOR Forest to support its forest process chain

Founded in 2009, Eldorado Brasil Celulose is a 100% Brazilian company with the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of bleached short fiber base cellulose a year—making it the largest pulp mill in the world.

According to Márcio Bernardi, Planning Manager at Eldorado Brasil, the decision to choose INFLOR Forest was based on two factors: INFLOR’s technical know-how, and market research that pointed to INFLOR Forest being the appropriate system for Eldorado Brasil’s reality.

Eldorado Brasil’s forest management solution utilizes the following key modules:

  • Forest Registry
  • GIS
  • Silviculture
  • Seedling Nursery
  • Forest Inventory
  • Land Management
  • Depletion
  • SAP Integration. 

For each module, INFLOR’s technical team worked with Eldorado Brasil to ensure that all of the data was updated to correspond to Eldorado Brasil’s processes.

What our client says about the project

“Currently, the GIS tool is directly linked to the Forest Registry module which makes the system more reliable, because this module is the basis of INFLOR Forest. We have many benefits by working with geoprocessing, because with a single tool we’re able to view a wide range of management information on a single data source.

Since it is a web based system, Eldorado Brasil’s managers who are located in different places have the ability to manipulate data onsite. All of these possibilities offer us a quick overview of management information. The installation of INFLOR Forest for Eldorado Brasil is quite recent, but it is already bringing positive effects to the company’s operational processes.”

Márcio Bernardi, Planning Manager at Eldorado Brasil

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