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Stora Enso introduces INFLOR Forest system to support its forest process chain

As the global leader of renewable packaging solutions, biomaterials, wood and paper, Stora Enso has 27,00 employees in more than 35 countries around the world. In 2014, the company’s sales totalled EUR 10.2 billion and EBIT EUR 810 million.

As a transnational company, Stora Enso needed to ramp up the synergies and competitiveness of the company’s different units spread around a number of countries, such as Brazil, Uruguay and China.

The company realized that it would need a solid system to manage its forests, one that permits quick realization of new forest projects as well as making it possible to reduce costs and ensure sustainability, information security and other advantages.

Facing difficulties with forest management on a global scale, the company hired INFLOR to set up the SGF, an established software that is prevalent in the market, already in use by companies such as Fibria and Veracel to meet their forest management requirements.

SGF will integrate all of the information that the Stora Enso teams need for managing the process, allowing them to reduce costs, centralize information and guarantee sustainability, among other advantages, while also facilitating access to the company’s information from any part of the world.

What our client says about the project

“With the Stora Enso SGF project, we sought a global IT solution that was aligned with the new quick-growth forest projects that Stora Enso intends to establish in the coming decades in several different locations around the world.

Because it involves projects, people and realities that are so different from each other, such as China, Uruguay and Brazil, this project has an extra challenging aspect to it for all of the professionals involved. Up until now, INFLOR has met all of the deadlines and commitments that it signed with Stora Enso.

As a result, we are increasingly confident and certain that the Stora Enso/INFLOR partnership will truly be enduring.”

Rafael Fiorott, IT Forestry System coordinator at Stora Enso

Hear from the INFLOR team

“Because this is the biggest project in the history of INFLOR, and the first with international visibility for the company, it is a challenge that I’m certain will greatly enrich the careers of the professionals on the project team. This experience could also open up the possibility of new challenges in other markets and consolidate the SGF as a leading INFLOR product.”

Sandro Siqueira, Project Leader

“The partnership with Stora Enso represents a great opportunity to apply our forestry knowledge to an international project of this size. To standardize the forestry processes of different cultures—respecting the individuality of each location—really is a huge challenge.”

Carlos Toloza, Responsible Technician

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