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INFLOR: 22 years developing solutions for a greener world!

How we are making a sustainable mark through innovative solutions

INFLOR is a reference in the sector of technology implementation in forest management processes. We are recognized in the market due to the constant search for environmental preservation and care for social and human governance. This past August, our company celebrated 22 years of unwavering commitment to sustainability and meticulous project attention, driven by tailor-made strategies that amplify customer value.

Here, we believe in the evolution and transformation of cycles, and we are committed to helping make the world increasingly green and sustainable through our services.

Learn about us and our values!

Since its foundation, INFLOR has embodied the root of the forestry revolution since, having nature as inspiration, we seek continuous improvement and the best solutions to meet the needs of each client. Our purpose is to deliver results for those who believe in our work and the environment. We leverage two primary solutions that reflect our concern and care in providing our products to customers during our journey: 

  • INFLOR Sociall offers services to companies and institutions that invest in social projects. INFLOR Sociall promotes necessary information from the communities that will be supported, in addition to analysis and investment estimates.
  • INFLOR Forest offers services that ensure more effective cost management and forestry productivity gains, in addition to providing greater visibility of the return on invested value. INFLOR Forest supports the management of highly specialized forestry assets.
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INFLOR cares about its employees

INFLOR’s 22 years of history are based, in addition to service, on the constant construction of joint learning and experiences. Caring for our employees is essential for building a more humane and productive company. Therefore, we have a team from different areas and specialties, from administrative to engineering. In addition to encouraging the generation of opportunities for everyone, by adding the continuous growth of employees to strengthen our organizational structure, our employees carry what, for us, is fundamental: Evolution by nature.

GPTW Seal: INFLOR has it!

In addition, investing in our team’s professional success and well-being is one of our missions. Actions that generate a positive impact on the daily life of each employee are in our DNA. Therefore, we are certified with the GPTW seal, which indicates that INFLOR is a great environment to work in – which marks our team’s feeling of care and belonging.

Meet our customers!

To incorporate technological advances in our forest management services, over these 22 years, the presence of our customers has been essential, as they contribute to the exchange of knowledge and resources to address the most complex challenges.

INFLOR partners with companies specialized in the environment, technology, and innovation segments that guarantee commitment and excellence in delivering results. Some of these clients are, Innovatech, Sinobras Florestal, American Forest Management, Gisagri, SGF – Stora Enso, My Forest Cenibra, and TTG Brasil. Through the expertise and trust of each strategic partner, we reinforce our purpose of concentrating on results by delivering the best to our team and customers.

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