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Why you need forestry management software for your bio asset

Ready to improve the speed and agility of your bio asset management? Learn how forestry management software can help.

Discover the ways an innovative software solution can unlock untapped potential in the speed and agility of your timberland investment management 

With many leading forestry businesses spending over $100 million on harvesting and transporting alone, finding ways to improve productivity through minor changes can make a major impact. For example, a 10-20% reduction in costs throughout the wood supply chain could be achieved with a five-percentage-point improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). [1]

The content below delves into what forestry management software can do for investors and leaders in bio asset management interested in harnessing the powers of modern day technology to better do their job. 

Streamline task management.

Whether you’re a forest manager or investor, you understand that there are a near endless array of tasks as part of your forest management plan that need to be done to achieve the specified goals. 

These tasks may include forecasting, operating timber harvests, tracking inventory, and managing contracts that can all be streamlined with software tools that allow you to control all stages of the production chain.

The best forest management solutions are also built for teams, allowing you to provide clear directions for every task and effectively communicate with each of your team members.   

Poorly organized operations have been shown to significantly negatively affect forestry companies with nearly 40% of OEE for a processor proven to be lost through poor organization. [1]

Use software tools that allow you to control all stages of the production chain

The harvest contract screen of INFLOR Forest above allows the user to manage all the extractions (per unit harvest, lump sum, commercial thinning, etc).

Optimize resources.

Forestry management software can also help you properly optimize all of your resources. 

Along with improving operations and customizing your systems, optimal resource management can help you reduce your budget in multiple areas of operation. 

Properly abide by regulations and standard practices.

With national, state, and local regulations to follow, forest management software can help you abide by regulations and follow standard practices. 

The right management system will allow you to define forest processes and standardize activities, in turn providing you with compliance and continuous business intelligence. 

Track the origins of inventory, equipment, and personnel.

If you’re managing forests for a timber business with assets across multiple states or countries, software can help you parametrize specific business rules to your company and collect data on the origins of your inventory, equipment, and personnel. 

Maintaining the origins and current residence for all assets is essential to achieving improved productivity and organization as a forest manager.

Software can help you parametrize specific business rules to your company

All assets can be managed in an integrated solution like INFLOR Forest, no matter where they are located.

Set target rates and schedule operations to reach goals.

With advanced analytics and monitoring tools, forest management software enables you to stay on track with your investment targets and schedule operations to reach your quality assurance goals.

Achieving investment goals can be an immense challenge without innovative forestry technologies to improve speed and agility. It can often be the key to reaching your goals, thanks to its ability to organize your operations across the whole forest chain from land management and seedling production to planting, harvesting, and wood hauling.

Forest management software enables you to stay on track with your investment targets

A workflow like the INFLOR Forest one above allows you to manage activities across distinct functional areas and add automations and integrations between systems and solutions.

Create necessary reports.

Producing reports of your forestry activities for your managers or board of investors is extremely important. Evaluating the collected data and organizing it to generate meaningful information for all personnel involved in the management of your forest investment is key to improving efficiency and maximizing results.

When creating reports, begin by considering the granularity of the data generated, its sources, and how it can be utilized and correlated to create valuable information. You also need to consider how analytical and detailed or executive and summarized the information generated needs to be depending on the level of expertise of your decision makers whether they be a supervisor, manager, or investor.

Be sure to use software that can support your data extraction through several types of reports, such as data cubes, BI integrations, and Excel spreadsheets that can then be submitted to accounting and database management tools as needed.

Grow real results with the best forestry software!

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide including American Forest Management and Manulife Investment Management, INFLOR Forest is the chosen forest management solution for:

  • TIMOs, REITS and Institutional Investors
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Industry and Bioenergy
  • Forest Management
  • Conservation and State Government

INFLOR Forest’s integrated and efficient management tools allow you to have complete control of your timberland investment with the ability to plan and control the whole forest chain, monitor your variables, simulate scenarios, set targets, calculate costs, and more.

In addition to the software solution, working with INFLOR ensures a trusted, long-term relationship with a global leader in bio asset management.

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1: McKinsey & Company | Data: The next wave in forestry productivity

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