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INFLOR partners with American Forest Management to expand growth in the U.S.

Learn about how INFLOR partnered with AFM to implement efficient forestry technology to expand across the United States, as well as globally.

Leading forestry software company brings forest technology innovation with AFM partnership

INFLOR, the Latin American leader in bio-asset management, partnered with American Forest Management (AFM) to implement efficient forestry technology to expand across the United States, as well as globally.

Being at the forefront of providing forestry solutions from seed to harvest, INFLOR unifies companies’ systems in order to control and manage data across the board. Through the recent partnership, INFLOR has been able to expand AFM, the largest land consulting and real estate brokerage in the U.S., business by integrating data, reducing costs and creating better solutions across the company. In return AFM has allowed INFLOR to grow their business in the United States – forestry software company now manages over 2.1 million acres in the U.S.

“We’ve perfected a unified system to manage companies’ forestry needs,” said Antonio Tatagiba, CEO at INFLOR for the United States. “We are not just an IT company; we are able to create a relationship, exchange data and achieve the goals and results for each company we partner with. With AFM we were able to provide them the solutions they needed for growth.”

With over 20 years of experience in the forestry business, INFLOR has become the leader in agribusiness management – resulting in over 29 million acres of forests managed by the company. Mastering the production of eucalyptus, the company has been able to apply that technology to adapt to different forestry companies across four continents. Their ability to grow with a client and help across the board by bringing together all aspects of forest management has enabled INFLOR to produce great success in their partnerships.

“We’ve seen changes we didn’t even envision that we are incorporating into the system now,” said Stephen Eddins, Director of Technical Services at AFM. “It worked well because AFM wanted to stay in the forefront of technology; we needed to be able to offer our services in all regions where we managed land and all regions where we hoped to manage land. We can now manage technology and data worldwide – it did not have to be only North America. On the INFLOR side they had a good market in South America and other regions, but now with us they are getting a foot in North America clients. It’s a good partnership to help each other grow.”

In working with INFLOR, AFM has implemented INFLOR forest management, GISagri, as well as cloud services & hosting, and plan to add additional solutions in the future. The partnership has resulted in expansion, cost savings and AFM positioning themselves as a leader in industry technology.

This mutually powerful partnership aims for even more growth and innovation in the forest management industry.

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INFLOR is the market leader in forestry software. They provide complete technology dedicated to bio-asset management. INFLOR reaches across four continents with over 29 million acres of forests managed. INFLOR provides solutions that can help change the way agribusinesses production chain and properties are managed.

About American Forest Management

American Forest Management (AFM) is the largest land consulting and real estate brokerage firm in the United States. AFM helps clients explore the full potential of their land. They’ve assisted landowners in buying, selling and improving their land for over 50 years.

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