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How forest management technology optimizes time and resources

Forest management technology offers many benefits to forestry businesses. Read now for FAQs about implementing new technologies.

Answers to the most common questions from forestry companies about implementing innovative technologies in their organizational structure 

As a manager at a forestry company, you’re constantly searching for ways to optimize resources in your operations and ensure business decisions reach organizational levels in a timely manner. 

The most effective way to optimize your company’s time and resources is through forest management technology. In recent years, the use of forest management technology has become increasingly popular in all stages of the forest production chain due to its ability to combine employee skill with the power of data to improve overall operations and efficiency. 

Keep reading to learn more about what forest management technology can offer your organization including how we can provide you with the best tools for the job.

How does the use of data work in forest management?

Before diving deeper into the offerings of forest management technology, it’s essential to understand the role that data plays in the technology. Every day, thousands of data points, whether raw, customized or processed, are made available on physical servers and protected clouds.

With such an immense amount of data available, companies in the forestry sector are often left asking:

  • How often is this data collected and accessed?
  • How long does it take for this data to become reliable?
  • What processing is required for this data?

Before implementing forest management technology at your company, you need to answer these questions to ensure you end up with the most reliable, quality data possible. It’s especially important to consider how you’ll manage a large amount of data without taking up disk space and wasting time with infinite backups. Making these decisions will require combining technological infrastructure, organizational structure and business intelligence.

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How can technology be useful to forestry companies?

In the forest production chain, the use of geoprocessing techniques is already a well-established practice in the spatial and operational planning of agricultural land. However, there are massive opportunities available to solve many other forestry business problems using innovative technologies that bring countless benefits. 

For example, utilizing forest management technologies with geographic primitives through the application of multicriteria analysis can provide your business with:

  • Evaluation of the impact on the quality of roads from the calculation of the optimized distance between productive stands and wood loading points.
  • Maps of ideal locations for planting certain species.
  • Choices for the most suitable machinery.
  • Calculation costs for harvesting in sloping areas.
  • Operationalization of the application of chemicals.

By utilizing technology in all these examples, you’re able to avoid unfavorable outcomes and gain certainty in your business decisions.

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How does technology provide access to processed information at all hierarchical business levels? 

In forestry companies, technology helps ensure that all processed information permeates all hierarchical levels of your business and that different areas communicate in the same way at the same time. For example, forest management applications that show the information collected by field teams in real time creates effective communication, streamlines processes and avoids information distortion.

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How can forest management technology be effectively implemented?

Effectively implementing these technologies is a process that requires integration into the organizational culture of your business. For the process to be successful, it requires time, confidence in the technologies and expectations of positive results.

Your team may be initially skeptical of abandoning their manual workflows that allow them to be the master of their own processes. However, these costly manual processes leave room for error and require too much of their time and effort.

Be sure to explain to your team that utilizing forest management technology will allow them to better understand the forestry production chain, and provide more trust, interaction, assertiveness and business perpetuity.

In conclusion

If you take the time to properly implement forest management technology into your business based on its unique needs, you’ll benefit from automated workflows, integrated systems, real-time updates, information transparency and more concise decision-making for your organization. Technologies are constantly being innovated, so you have to be ready to accept and absorb the changes based on what works best for your business as you evolve over time.

The forestry production chain is now technological and it needs to be.

by Daniele Porto Benatti, INFLOR GIS Business Analyst

Why INFLOR Forest is the best tool for your business 

Now that you know more about the relevance of technology in the forestry sector, it’s essential to understand the importance of well-structured forest management in this process, which can be effectively achieved with the help of forest management software.

At INFLOR, our multi-language, multi-user INFLOR Forest software solution allows you to:

  • Simulate scenarios
  • Set well-defined goals
  • Calculate costs and yields
  • Generate personalized performance indicators
  • And so much more.

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