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5 ways you can improve your corporate social responsibility management

Helping you communicate with communities, manage complex issues, and improve your relationships with stakeholders

When you’re managing complex relationships, your corporate social responsibility management needs to be two things: simple and successful.

To achieve this, you need a tool that works.

If your company or the institution you represent invests in social projects or is concerned with the relationship with your stakeholders, INFLOR Sociall could be the ideal solution.

As a leader in bio-asset management with more than 20 years of experience, INFLOR’s solutions support people and producers. Our roots are grounded in creating technology that transforms businesses and communities for the better. 

Want to learn more? Join us to explore 5 ways INFLOR Sociall can help you improve your corporate social responsibility management.

Uncomplicate complex relationships

It’s critical to establish a clear dialogue between companies and communities, understand the demands and expectations of stakeholders, and enable timely resolutions for all interested parties.

INFLOR Sociall helps you achieve this, as well as allowing you to map and mitigate social and operational risks, showing your commitment to ethical and sustainable development measures.

Everything in one place

With INFLOR Sociall, you can register, receive and deal with external demands including questions, complaints, conflict resolutions and more.

You’ll also be able to stay on top of projects by receiving and managing all of your demands from interested parties in one unified place, ensuring timely resolution for the stakeholders and communities involved.

Don’t always have internet access? INFLOR Sociall has an offline mobile application that allows the collection of information on relationships with stakeholders, in the most remote areas, where access to the internet is difficult.

Gain transparency

With INFLOR Sociall at your side, you’ll bring agility and transparency to your demands evaluation process, with response time control, information traceability, sustainability analysis, and more.

When it comes to corporate social responsibility management, learning from your data is crucial. With INFLOR Sociall’s customized reports, you have a clear assessment of the results produced by the resources earmarked for your social investments.

You can also keep a close eye on all of the different stages involving your relationship with communities: physical and financial monitoring, accountability, and evaluation reports, and more.

Work your way

As a multi-company, multi-language, and multi-currency system, INFLOR Sociall works for you—and with you. What this means is that you have a tool that’s perfectly adapted to fit your existing processes.

During implementation, we’ll work with you to identify the way social projects are conducted in your company and under this guidance, we’ll configure the solution and also propose points for improvement. INFLOR Sociall can also be custom-integrated into your ERP systems.

Save time

Your teams are busy—so the last thing they need is software that slows them down.

INFLOR Sociall was designed to simplify demands management, give greater access to information, and offer insightful reporting, all to reduce the administrative burden on your teams. There’s also a specific module to receive projects by public notice.

corporate social responsibility management-INFLOR Sociall

Can INFLOR Sociall help you?

We’re proud to help our clients establish transparent dialogue between companies and communities, and manage their stakeholders efficiently.

INFLOR Sociall is the leading corporate social responsibility management solution for:

    • Public affairs and government relations
    • Community relations
    • Social and environmental performance
    • Stakeholder management
    • and more.

Ready to explore INFLOR Sociall?

Find out more about INFLOR Sociall and request a demo today.

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